Technical SEO Solutions

Technical SEO Solutions

Get Top-Notch Technical SEO in Richmond VA

Did you know on-page SEO techniques account for about 25% of what impacts your spot in Google’s rankings?

Technical SEO services act as the foundation for other SEO techniques and are essential for improving your business visibility online. At Vincees, we offer top-notch technical SEO services to help our clients build a strong online presence for their business and improve their visibility and ranking in the most popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and more.

Our Process

Technical SEO Audit

  • Audit your preferred domain
  • Implement SSL
  • Optimize page speed

Crawlability Checklist

  • Create an XML sitemap and keep it up-to-date by adding or removing webpages
  • Increase your crawl budget
  • Optimize your website structure and make sure that the most essential pages of your website are at the top hierarchical level
  • Structure your URL and create a roadmap to give search bots additional information about your website
  • Use robots.txt. to allow or disallow web robots to crawl your website
  • Add breadcrumb menus to enable users to navigate your site without using a back button easily
  • Inspect SEO log files to identify how your crawl budget is spent

Indexability Check

  • Unblock web crawlers from accessing pages.
  • Duplicate content impacts the credibility and indexability of your website. So, try removing them.
  • Regularly audit redirects as it prevents your website from being indexed.
  • Make your website mobile-responsiveness
  • Fix HTTP errors

Renderability Check

  • Troubleshoot server issues and resolve them
  • Check HTTP status
  • Optimize page speed and load time
  • Keep redirects minimum

Rankability Check

  • Perform internal and external linking to improve your crawling and ranking.
  • Remove backlinks from a low-quality website as it can hurt your ranking.
  • Content cluster strategy

Clickability Check

  • Use structured data to make it easy for the search bot to index and rank your pages.
  • Add SERP features to increase the probability of click-through.
  • Optimize content for featured snippets

Technical SEO for Small and Medium Businesses

Our SEO professionals at Vincees perform a technical audit of your website to identify the errors that must be fixed and the optimizations that must be done. After the analysis, we will provide you with a comprehensive technical SEO strategy to solve your website issues in a timely manner. We can also do a monthly health check for your website to make sure that the development tasks are done up to date.